Jul 27, 2022

3 Best Ways to Visit Emerald Cove

emerald cove las vegas

Visiting Las Vegas means exploring nature in unique ways. However, due to Sin City's reputation as a nightlife and entertainment hub, most travelers just plan their vacations around the Strip or the downtown area, where they can walk around, shop, dine, party, and watch concerts. Want to try something new?

Beyond the neon lights and luxurious establishments are incredible attractions undiscoverable by foot. Maneuver through Nevada's waterways, visit Emerald Cove, and connect with the natural world! It’s one of the most memorable outdoor activities in Las Vegas, for locals and tourists alike, adults and children.

Where is Emerald Cove?

Emerald Cove is located along the Arizona-Nevada border in the Black Canyon Wilderness area. It's carved within the towering canyon walls at a more secluded part of the Colorado River and can only be explored via small boats, like kayaks.

Also referred to as Emerald Cave, this natural wonder is known for its picture-perfect green waters that sparkle when the sun shines at a certain angle. The water glimmers vibrant green due to the sunlight hitting the algae beneath the water and also bouncing off the canyon walls.

A Las Vegas nature adventure isn't complete without a trip to Emerald Cove. Each year, thousands of people travel to this enchanting part of the Colorado River for a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience. You're welcome to visit any time of the year. Even during the summer, when temperatures pass 100 degrees, all it takes is a quick dip in the water to cool off.

In what way do you want to explore Emerald Cave? Due to its tight passageways, only small boats can navigate inside. That’s why a guided Las Vegas kayaking tour is one of the best ways to experience Emerald Cave to its fullest.

kayak in emerald cove colorado river

How to Enjoy Emerald Cave

If you’re ready to strap on your life jacket and set off on your adventure, here are the best ways to tour Emerald Cove and enjoy the magic it offers.

1. Kayaking 

Kayaking is a water activity that uses a double-bladed paddle, and a small boat that can seat one or two people (also known as tandem kayaking — more on this in a moment!). Just wear a lifejacket, sit on the kayak, slightly lean forward, and paddle your way to your destination. Good paddling techniques and posture will help you tour safely, even as a beginner kayaker.

There are different types of kayaks designed for specific purposes. A tandem kayak is paddled by two people. Meanwhile, a solo kayak is made for those who want to hit the water all by themselves. Booking a kayak tour with professional guides allows you to choose the best one depending on your weight capacity and level of comfort.

Emerald Cove is one of the best kayaking spots in the Las Vegas area. With Evolution Expeditions, there are two tour packages you can choose from — Express and Deluxe — each highlighting the cave's geological features and the region's diverse wildlife. If you're not yet comfortable paddling alone, try tandem kayaking. For many first-time kayakers, two is always better than one! 

man keyaking in the merald cove colorado river

2. Canoeing

Canoeing and kayaking differ in the kind of paddle and vessel used. While kayaking uses a double-bladed paddle to move in the right direction, canoeing utilizes a single-bladed one. Kayaks are typically easier to paddle and steer.

For people looking to carry more cargo on them, a canoe might be a better fit. They typically have more storage space, along with an open deck design that makes it easier to load bags and coolers.

Even with a short trip, you can canoe peacefully inside Emerald Cave and take photos of its picturesque geographical features. Thinking of visiting the cave with a companion? You need a tandem canoe! It has two seats, in the bow and the stern. On the other hand, solo travelers just need a solo canoe with a stern seat or center seat for better control and stability. 

3. Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is exactly what it sounds like! You stand up on the board and use an oar to move around. For beginners, the most challenging part of SUP is balancing on the paddleboard. It takes a good stance, posture, stroke, and grip to have an amazing SUP experience.

To maintain balance, stand on the center of the board, with your feet hip-width apart and parallel to each other. From there, you can try different stances and paddling techniques to improve your skills. The board can be used not only to maneuver around but also to do a lot of other activities in the middle of scenic waterways.

SUP is often paired with other activities like yoga, fishing, exercising, and meditation. Inside Emerald Cove, you can pause for a few minutes, admire the surroundings, and take photos of the glowing waters while standing, kneeling, or sitting on your board. If you have the time, you can stretch your legs and stay comfortable as you embrace the beauty of nature.

Still having a hard time standing up on your board? Try kneeling! This is a good way to find your balance/center of gravity before transitioning to a standing position.

Kayak Emerald Cove With Evolution Expeditions

Multiple people kayaking in the Emerald Cove Colorado river

Because of its tight passageways, there aren’t many ways to explore Emerald Cave. Canoeing and SUP remain a choice for many tourists today, but nothing beats the popularity and excitement of kayaking! Book a tour with the experienced guides at Evolution Expeditions to make the most of your journey. Let’s help you create unforgettable memories on the greener side of Vegas. It’ll be a serene yet challenging excursion, with lots of hidden beaches, hot springs, wildlife viewing, and photography along the way.

Ready to take the next step? Check out our kayaking tours to find the best fit for you. Questions about which option you should go with? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, kayak Las Vegas with Evolution Expeditions and see a whole new side of Sin City.

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