Jul 20, 2022

Explore the Best of Neon to Nature Direct from the Las Vegas Strip

emerald cave kayak tour

Las Vegas is an incredible destination for all kinds of travelers and adventurers. It charms people of various personalities and interests, from party goers, gamblers, and concert enthusiasts to watersports and outdoor adventure lovers. Whether you want to have fun underneath vibrant neon lights or glide through crystal clear waters amid rugged landscapes, Las Vegas is for you. 

The good news is that there's no reason to experience just one kind of adventure. After enjoying the glitz and glam of the Strip, book a kayaking tour on the nearby Colorado River to relax and reconnect with nature. That's right — there's more to Vegas than nightclubs and Happy Hour. We can take you there! 

Kayakers enjoying a guided tour in Las Vegas

A Comfy Ride from the Neon Lights to Mother Nature 

Planning a trip to Las Vegas is pretty easy and convenient. Visitors usually book a stay on the Strip, where they can spend their entire vacation drinking, gambling, shopping, and playing watersports. The Las Vegas Strip is an attraction within an attraction, with tons of places and activities to explore for days on end. 

But there is more to Las Vegas than just the Strip. Beyond it is a natural wonderland yet to be discovered and experienced by more tourists. Get to know Mother Nature more on the greener side of Las Vegas. After experiencing world-class music and entertainment on the Strip, it’s time to kayak your way deep into the canyons. 

Evolution Expeditions can help you plan the most exciting kayaking adventure. We offer half-day and full-day kayaking tours featuring the best spots around the Black Canyon and Colorado River, located about an hour from the Strip. 

When you book a tour with us, we’ll make sure you have a hassle-free trip from the Strip to the launch spot through our reliable shuttle service. There are three tour packages to choose from, each led by experienced guides and featuring spectacular scenery. 

Our Kayaking Tours

So, what exactly can you expect when you kayak with Evolution Expeditions? Here are the three guided kayaking tours that we currently offer and what you’ll experience on each.

1. Kayak Hoover Dam & Hot Springs Hike

This tour involves a seven-hour, 12-mile kayaking and hiking trip from the base of the Hoover Dam, with lots of scenic stops along the way. It’s going to be a day full of paddling. Expect to see clear green waters, hot springs, waterfalls, slot canyons, and a sauna cave throughout the tour. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph coyotes, bald eagles, desert bighorn sheep, and migratory waterfowl while paddling near the side canyons. As you go along, our knowledgeable guides will share the history behind the Hoover Dam construction and the Black Canyon. Enjoy a slice of history, learn more about one of the greatest architectural creations of our time, and admire wonders that you could never access on foot.

A bit of hiking is needed to explore some stops, but beautiful scenery awaits you after this challenge. You can swim in the Colorado River, soak in hot springs, and steam inside the sauna cave for some relaxation time before moving on with the tour. 

Sounds like a fun yet tiring trip? Delicious lunch and snacks, including bottled water and juice, are provided for your enjoyment and to sustain your energy levels during the journey. 

Guided kayak tour under Hoover Dam in Las Vegas

2. Kayak Emerald Cave Deluxe

Evolution Expeditions' Emerald Cave Deluxe Tour takes nature adventurers to the Emerald Cave, a small cave deep into the Black Canyon famous for its sparkling green waters. The majestic cave may be the highlight of this trip, but we also take tourists to several attractions and acquaint them with the fascinating history behind the area. 

The four-hour adventure begins in the morning at the Willow Beach Marina. Take a journey back in time by paddling through the primitive 900-feet volcanic walls along the Black Canyon. After paddling for a while, park your kayak and discover breathtaking spots on foot. 

Get a good view of the entire canyon by hiking up a hill and getting a wonderful view of the whole canyon. Then, after a short trek, we'll head back to our kayaks and paddle to Emerald Cave. The glow of the algae-filled water inside the cave changes throughout the day, depending on the sun's angle. But one thing's for sure: It's beautiful all year round, anytime!

Although this isn't a full-day trip, this tour still includes a catered lunch to be enjoyed at a remote beach on the Nevada and Arizona shorelines with loved ones while surrounded by thriving flora and fauna. 

3. Kayak Emerald Cave Express

Kayak Emerald Cave Express is similar to the Deluxe tour, except that the experience is packed on a three-hour, four-mile afternoon kayaking trip. It’s perfect for those who want a quick nature getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. 

We’ll paddle across the Colorado River from Willow Beach, exploring beautiful sceneries around the Black Canyon and sites that contributed to the historical construction of the Hoover Dam. Even with this very short tour, you can explore the Emerald Cave and take stunning photos of the section of the river we are exploring. There are complimentary snacks, too! 

Kayaking at Emerald Cave in Las Vegas with Evolution Expeditions

Book a Kayaking Tour With Evolution Expeditions Today

Evolution Expeditions offers stress-free kayaking tours with qualified guides, promising a unique experience that’s suitable for all skill levels. As a cherry on top, our guided tours go beyond kayaking! Aside from providing the gear and basic kayaking lessons to ensure a safe trip for all, we also let you experience the wonders of Las Vegas’ flora and fauna through hikes, waterside meals, and even a dip in a hot spring, depending on your tour package. 

There’s a side of Las Vegas that most people never see, and it’s far away from the neon lights, blackjack tables, and bottomless mimosas. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, take a walk on the wild side and come explore Mother Nature with us.

Ready to book your spot? Check out our full list of kayak tours or contact Evolution Expeditions for more information.

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