Kayaking Tours

Whether it is the breath-taking Hoover Dam, soothing hot springs, or the beautiful Emerald Cave, our tours offer something for everyone.

Kayak Hoover Dam & Hot Springs Hike

Just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip - Kayak from the mighty Hoover Dam all year! Evolution Expeditions secures the necessary permit that provides a fish-eye view of the massive Hoover Dam from its base. Including beautiful hot springs, the Emerald Cave, and breathtaking canyons to explore.

Kayak Emerald Cave WITH LUNCH

Explore giant volcanic boulders at the opening of Black Canyon, where many paddlers contemplate a descent into the crystal clear emerald waters of the Colorado River. On this tour you will explore the Emerald Cave, the historic gauging station and have a catered lunch on a private beach.

Kayak Emerald Cave Express

For those looking for spectacular scenery, Evolution Expeditions has the perfect kayak tour. The Kayak Emerald Cave Express tour paddles onto the Colorado River at various times, starting at Willow Beach, Arizona.


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