May 24, 2022

The 5 Best Hot Springs in Las Vegas

gold strike las vegas hot springs trail head

Beyond Las Vegas’ extravagant reputation are soothing waters and breathtaking views you won't see anywhere else. Sin City’s greener side is actually home to the best hot spring destinations in Las Vegas (and the surrounding areas), making it an awesome destination for those who love to spend time in nature. So, after shopping, partying, and swimming in luxurious pools, it’s time to head to these amazing nature spots and soak in relaxing, mineral-rich thermal waters. 

Benefits of Soaking in Las Vegas’ Best Hot Springs

Hot potting is a centuries-long practice of dipping in natural hot springs for relaxation and overall wellness. In fact, balneology, the study of geothermal waters' healing properties, has long been regarded as an alternative to conventional medical treatments. 

Natural hot spring waters have healing and therapeutic effects, helping people destress, sleep better, boost blood circulation, and smoothen their skin. Bathing in hot springs after a long day of strolling around a busy city is good for you! Consider it as an adventure and a self-care habit in one journey. 

To learn more, check out our blog on the benefits of hot springs

The Best Hot Springs in Las Vegas

Hot springs are always worth visiting since they're located in breathtaking locations far from all the stressors, noise, and troubles of the city. The good news is that they’re not always hours away from your everyday life. Here are some of the most remarkable hot springs near Las Vegas. 

1. Gold Strike Hot Springs

Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs is surrounded by stunning canyons, large boulders, and several pools of varying temperatures. You can reach this natural wonder on foot or by paddle. Some go on a strenuous six-mile hike that takes three to four hours each way. If you choose to travel this way, prepare to maneuver around rugged terrains. 

People who want to have a calmer yet exhilarating trip to Gold Strike Hot Springs kayak from the base of Hoover Dam. This route is not as exhausting as hiking, but a whole day of paddling is still an exciting physical challenge for beginner kayakers. As you paddle down the Colorado River, you can expect to see captivating waterfalls, emerald green waters, and migratory waterfowl.

Kayakers At Gold Strike Hot Springs Las Vegas

You'll be rewarded for your hard work with a soothing, calming soak. Unwind and give your muscles a little TLC.

man soaking in las vegas hot spring

Kayaking in Las Vegas is about more than taking the paddle to the water. It's about experiencing a whole new side of Southern Nevada. Not far from the neon lights and blackjack tables, Mother Nature awaits.

2. Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs offers a therapeutic experience amid the spectacular Nevada desert. Located in Big Smoky Valley and just off America's Loneliest Highway, its springs are easily accessible and can be enjoyed for free. There are tubs and ponds filled with natural thermal water that visitors can soak in all year round. It’s not just the scenery; the history behind it is also incredible.

During the winter specifically, you may want to take a dip in the metal tubs, as this type of container helps the water stay warmer for a longer period. Whatever season you visit, be fully prepared to camp out in a remote location. There are no services on-site, and camping is only allowed 100 feet from the springs

3. Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs is situated in the northwestern part of Death Valley, along the borders of California and Nevada. It’s a wonderful nature spot in the middle of nowhere, enclosed in mountain ranges and huge open desert spaces where you can camp, park your trailer, or set up tents.

Its concrete hot spring tub is filled with approximately 105-degree geothermal water and can accommodate six to seven individuals. Even after taking a dip, you’ll never run out of things to do! Alongside amenities like fire pits and barbecue grills, there are also two natural warm ponds you can explore. It’s an off-the-road adventure full of wildlife-spotting opportunities! 

4. Trego Hot Springs

Trego Hot Springs is known for its deep 400-foot trench hot spring that resembles a long letter Y. It’s a free-to-visit, all-natural mud pool that's only approximately two and a half hours from Reno, giving friends and families a chance to bond in a safe, remote location.

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You can also set up a campsite, but it should be 300 feet away from the spring. Although the area is secluded and has no amenities, the spring is 16 miles down a dirt road and is easily accessible. The water temperature varies throughout the trench, so be careful. The hottest part is closest to the source, near the northwestern end. 

5. Arizona Hot Springs

Like Gold Strike Hot Springs, Arizona Hot Springs can be accessed via kayak or foot. Hiking the 5.8-mile loop is the most common way to get here, usually taking around six hours round trip. But, of course, many tourists also spend hours enjoying the springs and end up with a longer travel time. 

Kayak along the Colorado River to the Arizona Hot Springs to make the trip more enjoyable. The springs are situated near the water, south of Hoover Dam. The thing is floating from the dam calls for a special fee and permit, requirements that are most easily fulfilled by booking a guided tour. If you want to kayak Hoover Dam, Evolution Expeditions will get you there under the watchful eye of our expert guides.

People riding kayaks at Willow Beach Las Vegas
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Visit the Best Hot Springs in Las Vegas

Visit these Las Vegas hot springs for a therapeutic soaking and sightseeing experience. Beyond Sin City’s luxurious hotels, casinos, and shopping centers are impressive hot springs and desert landscapes you won't want to miss. Just remember to research the location before heading there to ensure that it’s perfectly safe to bathe in. 

Better yet, let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Experience the wonders of the great outdoors, and relax in some of the best hot springs in Las Vegas, with Evolution Expeditions! Check out our lineup of guided kayak tours, or contact us for more information.

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