About Us

When we created Evolution Expeditions, we set out with the goal to create a Las Vegas kayaking experience unlike any other you’ll find. And we believe wholeheartedly that we’ve accomplished this.

Company Overview

Every day, we strive to provide Evolution Expeditions customers with the experience of
a lifetime that will inspire them to tell the world about their adventure with us. Above all
else, we value customer service, teamwork, and the people we interact with.

Customer Service: Superior service that reminds our customers at every touch point
that they made the right decision when choosing their kayaking outfitter.

Teamwork: Embracing the collective mindset that individual success is only reached
when we ensure the success of those around us — in simple terms, helping things go

People: People are our greatest asset. We strive to develop people who achieve their
professional potential and to provide opportunities to reach their personal goals.

Our Team

There is an energy and camaraderie here that’s infectious. Every member of our team is passionate about adventure, nature, the great outdoors, and meeting new people.

Rachel Way
Michelle Costigan
Lead Guide
Anthony Patterson
Shay Spatz
Laura Pisciotta
Head Guide
Candace Bracken
Lead Guide
Rachel Fanton
Stewart Cherney
Sebastian Sulantay
Head Guide
Bridget Dahmer
Lead Guide


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