May 2, 2022

6 Outdoor Activities This Summer in Las Vegas

summer outdoor activities in las vegas

Known as the world's entertainment capital, Las Vegas has always been famous for its luxurious hotels, resorts, casinos, clubs, and fine dining restaurants. Each year, millions of people from all over visit Sin City just to gamble, party, and shop their hearts out.

Well, Vegas is not all nightlife and live entertainment! What many people don't know is that this city has always offered the best of every world to travelers with varying interests. Whether you want neon lights or Mother Nature, we’ve got something for you. If you want to experience the city’s best outdoor activities this summer, Vegas has no shortage of options. Here are just six outdoor activities to do this summer in Las Vegas — and we’ve got something for everyone.

6 Top Outdoor Activities to Do in Las Vegas This Summer

1. Kayak Around Black Canyon

Black Canyon, a paradise just an hour away from the Strip, is a haven for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. When you book a kayak tour with Evolution Expeditions, you can enjoy a catered lunch by a private beach and appreciate the dramatic landscapes with your newfound kayaking friends.

Two people kayaking in Las Vegas during summer as outdoor activities

You'll paddle through the Colorado River and explore the Emerald Cave from the Willow Beach Marina. You might even run into ospreys, falcons, and bald eagles in the area, so hold on to your camera at all times to document one-of-a-kind wildlife encounters! Our experienced guides will make sure you live the moment to its fullest.

While most people think of our dry city as a desert (which it is), kayaking in Las Vegas is a common activity here. It’s not just about paddling on the water, either. Some of our tours include exploring by foot, hiking, and soaking in hot springs. Ask us about our different kayak tours in Las Vegas to find the right one for you!

Kayaking Summer Outdoor Activities

2. Hit the Pools On- and Off-Strip

Las Vegas is home to some of the most impressive pools in the world. It doesn't matter whether you choose to stay on the Strip or not. There's an oasis in every corner that you can visit to beat the heat. On the Strip is Resorts World Las Vegas, a contemporary urban resort with a 5.5-acre pool complex.

It has five different pools, including the Strip's only infinity-edge pool. Ten miles from the Strip, Red Rock Casino's three-acre pool area stands out. Its famous Sandbar Pool has an impressive fountain surrounded by daybeds, lounge chairs, and private cabanas for an intimate poolside experience. There’s also a café and eight smaller pools around.

The temperatures will climb into the triple digits, but thankfully, we have plenty of ways to cool down.

3. Fish at Floyd Lamb Park

In the middle of Las Vegas' desert landscapes are abundant greenery and rich history dating back thousands of years. Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs has ponds, picnic areas, lush vegetation, fishing spots, historic buildings, a natural spring lake, and thriving wildlife. Say hello to geese, ducks, and peacocks as you enjoy the scenic views of the Spring Mountain Ranges from this wonderland.

For many, summer is the best time to visit Floyd Lamb Park. During the hot season, days are longer, so you have more time to stroll around and engage in outdoor activities. A visit to this park isn't complete without hiking and fishing. If you have a Nevada fishing license, you can fish in any of the park's ponds, with a catch limit of three fish per person. 

4. Hike in Red Rock Canyon

Located just 25 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon is a playground for travelers who want to experience nature without going too far from the city. The red rock formations, cliffs, and thriving flora and fauna serve as a beautiful backdrop to thousands of romantic getaways and family trips yearly.

It has several hiking trails, even for those who want to travel with their kids. If you’re an experienced hiker traveling with children or a newbie who’s just in for a short day trip, explore the Red Rock Canyon’s Children Discovery Trail. This is a short 1.3-kilometer hike that takes only about 20 minutes to complete.

Those who are bold and trained enough for the more difficult Red Rock Canyon Trails may traverse the Ice Box Canyon and the Turtlehead Peak Trails. 

5. Horseback Riding at Mt. Charleston

In Vegas, you can wander around by foot, air, car, or horseback! Mt. Charleston offers a serene escape to nature lovers all year round, particularly during summer, for plenty of photography, camping, and hiking opportunities. Although several trails can be explored on horseback, some can be difficult due to high elevations.

The most popular trails for horseback riders are the Fletcher Canyon Trail in Kyle Canyon and Charleston Peak South Trail. As long as your horses are prepared for high altitudes, you will have a safe, fun journey. You can even camp with your new horse friend, provided that you have hay and water for them. 

6. Bike Around the Blue Diamond Loop

Only a few minutes from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the scenic Diamond Loop mountain biking trail system, a sanctuary for bikers who love panoramic viewpoints. From Blue Diamond stems several trails that lead to Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, and Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

Nothing beats summer bicycling in this diverse terrain teeming with Joshua trees, rock gardens, and jagged mountain ranges. The Fossil Ride Loop is a 6.9-kilometer route that will take an average of two hours to complete. You're welcome to bike with your dog. Just see to it that they are leashed and are up for an exhilarating adventure in the desert.

We’re not telling you not to hit up the blackjack tables and Cirque shows. But there’s certainly more to Vegas than this. Every hour you spend in this city can be a thrilling, unforgettable moment, but only if you know what to do and where exactly to go. Book your kayaking tour in Las Vegas today and plan to experience some of the best outdoor activities that Las Vegas has to offer this summer.

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