Oct 28, 2022

10 Team-Building Activities for Corporate Events in Las Vegas

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Organizing memorable corporate events is essential to the success of every business. So, make the most out of every team building session! To strengthen employee relations and performance, stay away from the same old gatherings in uninteresting locations. In Las Vegas, you and your team members can engage in unique, thrilling activities that boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration. 

The 10 Best Las Vegas Team Building Activities 

If you’re looking to take your corporate event to Nevada for some unforgettable team-building activities, here’s a list of 10 can’t-miss adventures.

1. Visit Hoover Dam

Kayaking is a water activity usually done in a serene natural environment. When you kayak with your workmates, you get to challenge yourselves and learn more about each other's strengths and weaknesses. Book a guided kayak tour and explore Hoover Dam with your colleagues!

Hoover Dam is the best setting for a productive team-building activity. As you appreciate the dam and the surrounding canyons, communicate with your teammates and help each other paddle safely in the right direction.

kayaking Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Kayak Emerald Cave 

Emerald Cave, an attraction within the Black Canyon Water Trail, is a picture-perfect team-building destination. However, paddling through this wonder can be difficult due to its small opening and tight passageways.

Kayaking Emerald Cave and its famous blue-green waters demands teamwork and coordination. You’ll sometimes encounter sudden sharp turns and other unexpected situations. Enhance communication with your teammates to calmly deal with these challenges.

kayaking Emerald Cave in Las Vegas, Nevada

3. Hike and Rejuvenate in Hot Springs

Book a kayaking and hiking tour to explore Goldstrike Hot Springs. Hours of paddling, rock scrambling, and climbing are required to reach this spot, but it’s completely manageable even for a team of beginner kayakers.

Goldstrike Canyon is not that popular with many tourists because of the shadeless environment and intense summer heat. But by choosing a challenging destination, you can further develop leadership skills and trust among everyone. A calming reward awaits you after a tough exploration. Nevada is home to some of the dreamiest hot springs in the country.

Las Vegas hot springs tour

4. Play Paintball

Paintball is a strategic shooting game where players compete by hitting each other with a marker equipped with water-soluble dye. The goal is to complete the game objectives in an indoor or outdoor setup while dealing with obstacles. This sport is grounded in good-natured competition and teamwork.

Paintball can help you form positive relationships and develop the skills necessary to thrive in the workplace. Your team can have all the equipment needed to have fun and foster strong leadership skills. Only one team can win yet everyone will have a wonderful time.

5. Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Have a fantastic time with your workmates no matter what the weather conditions are outside. When you rock climb indoors, you cultivate the persistence and patience necessary to achieve the most demanding professional goals.

Red Rock Climbing Center is just one of Las Vegas’ many climbing facilities, a popular team-building venue for many companies. Allow your colleagues to team up, and support one another as they scale the wall, exactly how they demonstrate mutual support in the workplace. 

6. Solve an Escape Room

An escape room represents a small space where people solve riddles and puzzles to accomplish two goals: finding a key and unlocking the room. In an escape room, participants analyze and investigate situations together under time pressure.

Only people who work together as one will be able to escape and win the game. The Escape Game Las Vegas offers collaborative indoor adventures that test your team's logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Win or lose, you'll gain an unforgettable experience with everyone.

7. Do a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a game in which participants collect several hidden objects based on a list under time pressure. Items typically include small, unusual items like rocks and coins. The team who obtains the most objects wins.

Organize a scavenger hunt that guides the budding detectives and leaders on your team to various places around Sin City. Take your colleagues to the most popular and overlooked areas around Las Vegas. Start from the Strip, one of the best locations for a hunt involving multiple teams!

8. Engage in Arts and Crafts Sessions

Arts and crafts are for people of all ages and professions. A simple crafting session can help your workmates think out of the box and discover their creative side. Engaging in these activities can lead to lower stress levels, mental clarity, and fresh ideas they can use in the workplace.

Corks N Crafts, a DIY bar in Las Vegas, provides instructor-led artistic bonding opportunities to teams who want to discover their creative, collaborative selves. Work on beautiful projects together while enjoying artisanal wines and delicious gourmet dishes.

9. Operate Bulldozers 

Las Vegas helps you learn new things in an unfamiliar setting while trying an unfamiliar job. At Dig This, employees pursue challenges together as bulldozer or excavator operators. Ready to safely operate heavy-duty equipment in a huge sandbox?!

The activities are very safe and can be customized depending on the group size and requirements. Before starting each session, instructors introduce the participants to all the control buttons to ensure their safety. Then, they guide them via a radio headset as they take on the massive machines. 

10. Play Archery Tag

Archery tag is a fast-paced sport that cultivates strategic thinking, teamwork, and physical thrill. Like paintball, it’s a combat game that involves multiple teams — this time, not with paintball guns but with bows and arrows with marshmallow-style tips.

To win, teams must develop an advanced field plan and strategy. This sport is safe and requires players to wear protective equipment. Practice your aim on the battlefield and communicate thoroughly with your teammates to achieve that sweet victory. 

Not Your Usual Team-Building Activities

Take a break from hosting traditional seminars and conferences, and organize an event employees will be thrilled to attend. The most successful team-building activities for corporate events bring people closer together in an exciting location. Unlock their leadership potential in Las Vegas while doing something fun and out of the ordinary!

Ready to plan your agenda? Book your guided kayak tour in Las Vegas today, with Evolution Expeditions.

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