Oct 21, 2022

How Do I Get to the Las Vegas Hot Springs?

Las vegas hot spring nevada

Let Las Vegas' hot springs be the focus of your next adventure, away from the luxurious casinos, hotels, and restaurants of bustling Sin City. When you soak in geothermal waters, you get to destress and spend time in nature. In Las Vegas, you can safely traverse scenic waterways that lead to beautiful hot springs and other natural attractions! 

How to Get to Las Vegas Hot Springs 

Kayaking is undoubtedly the most exciting way to get to Las Vegas’ hot springs. Evolution Expeditions’ Hoover Dam and hot springs hike tour takes you on a thrilling excursion along the Colorado River and Black Canyon wilderness.

It’s a 12-mile, seven-hour kayaking and hiking trip with several stops, including warm pools you can soak in after a challenging paddle and hike.

The tour begins from the base of Hoover Dam and navigates through multiple attractions, from hot springs and waterfalls to caves and slot canyons. Aside from getting a fish-eye view of the dam, you can learn more about its construction. Moreover, you get to acquaint yourself with the history of the Bypass Bridge, the 1921 water gauging sites, and the historic canyon walls that enclose them.

Some hiking is needed, but a serene reward awaits you. This is your chance to soak in hot springs, steam in a sauna cave, and even swim in the refreshing Colorado River. 

Furthermore, you can watch migratory waterfowl, native songbirds, bald eagles, and other birds move across the skies as you maneuver around. If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot desert bighorn sheep and rabbits on the cliffs beside the river!

Prepare for a whole day of paddling and walking rugged terrains. But don’t worry. Lunch, snacks, bottled water, and juice will be served to help you stay refreshed and energized while on the move. 

Nevada hot springs hike

5 Hot Springs Across Nevada

Unbeknownst to many, Nevada is home to several dreamy hot springs. You just have to know where to look for them.

1. 12-Mile Hot Springs 

12-Mile Hot Springs, also known as Bishop Hot Springs, is 12 miles north of Wells, hence the name. The 40-feet-long and three-feet-deep pool stretches along Bishop Creek and surrounding mountain walls, perfect for travelers who want to take a break from city life.

Depending on the season, the water temperature ranges between 99°F and 103°F. It can be easily accessed by the public anytime for free. To make the most of your trip, park your car ¼ mile from the pool and walk from there.

In addition to hiking and soaking in hot springs, people visit this area to camp while appreciating the beauty of Bishop Creek Canyon. Just be careful during the rainy season, as the water level can quickly rise, leaving the roads impassable. 

2. Alkali Hot Springs

Alkali Hot Springs, approximately 14 miles northwest of Goldfield, is home to two rock-lined geothermal pools of varying temperatures. The pools are around three feet deep and can accommodate two to three adults.

The water temperature hovers between 100°F and 105°F but can be easily adjusted through the attached pipes and hoses. Since the place is just a three-hour drive from Las Vegas, it’s somewhat easy to find. However, it’s rarely crowded and is populated by wildlife.

These hot springs are in an abandoned area, so carefully plan our journey to avoid inconveniences. Bring food, drinking water, and other essentials. Unfortunately, you can't bring your dogs because of the wildlife present in the area.

people exploring hot springs near Las Vegas, Nevada

3. Trego Hot Springs

Situated in the Black Rock Desert, Trego Hot Springs' 400-foot ditch was hand-dug by a group of people back in 1860. It's long and narrow, resembling a large letter Y. The water is rich in natural detoxifying agents and minerals that feel good on the skin.

It has varying temperatures from 90°F to 100°F, depending on the section you decide to enter. The hottest part is the section closest to the source, towards the northwestern end. Want to go camping? There are many camping spots within the vicinity but no amenities.

Set up your campsite about 300 feet away from the spring! Even if there are other groups around, you'll still feel like you have the entire place to yourself since the pool is so large. 

4. Rogers Hot Springs 

Rogers Hot Springs, nestled on the north shore of Lake Mead, is just an hour away from Las Vegas. Its gorgeous pool is only about 50 feet wide and three feet deep, yet it’s a favorite spot among travelers because of its proximity to the city.

The water temperature is around 80°F to 90°F throughout the year, making it the perfect place to sightsee and cool off. There’s no need to hike or kayak to reach this desert wonderland. All you need to do is drive straight to the site.

To access it, enter the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and drive towards the northern part of the park. Rogers Hot Springs is one of the most comfortable, well-maintained family destinations, with restrooms, picnic tables, and a parking lot nearby.

5. Gold Strike Hot Springs

Boulder City’s Goldstrike Hot Springs has several mineral pools that range from 100°F to 106°F. Reaching these hot springs requires a challenging three-hour hike with rock scrambling and climbing, but it’s manageable even for average hikers.

Those who want a more thrilling trip can go on a full-day paddling adventure that leads to several attractions, including the hot springs. Tours usually start at Hoover Dam’s base and then go down the Colorado River and Black Canyon.

Goldstrike Canyon is technically a part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Still, the place isn’t as popular with people because of the shadeless environment. Due to the summer conditions that can exceed 110°F, be prepared to shield yourself from the sun with a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen.

Plan Your Hot Spring Adventure Today 

Whether you choose to soak or just camp and sightsee around the waters, book a tour for maximum safety. Our experienced guides are the best travel companions, making you feel and stay safe as you achieve your travel goals. Book your kayaking tour with Evolution Expeditions today, and experience our majestic hot springs for yourself.

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