Jan 19, 2023

From Water to Land: The Best Outdoor Activities to do in Las Vegas

Hiking gold strike hot springs trail head

Looking to spend your time in Las Vegas outdoors? Go beyond the glitter and glamour of the boulevard and go off to land or water with a variety of different activities Vegas has to offer. While Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and people come from all over the world to experience the excitement of the Strip, Vegas is also widely popular with thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. 

Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave Desert and has a lot of different unique and beautiful desert scenery that surrounds the outskirts of the bustling city. Despite being a desert, there are is surprisingly a lot of different outdoor water activities to get involved in. Whether you’re looking to have fun on land or water, here is a list of different outdoor activities in Las Vegas.

1. Kayaking

Las Vegas Kayaking as outdoor activity.

Seeing such unique and beautiful sights via kayaking on the water is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Going on a guided kayaking tour allows you to explore the local sights with a kayaking expert that will assure you are safely enjoying the history and nature of your kayaking tour. 

Evolution Expeditions offers guided tours through the Colorado River and into the beautiful Emerald Cave that is hidden within the Black Canyon as well as Hoover Dam kayak tours. Our tours are more than just kayaking, as we include hiking and trips to geothermal hot springs to help our guests unwind. 

If you have no experience with kayaking, no worries! Our tours are for both beginners and experts alike to enjoy. Guided tours are offered year-round, so whether it is summer or winter we still will be able to kayak. 

2. Swimming in a Hot Spring

If you want a more relaxing water activity that isn’t a hectic hotel pool, then try taking a dip in a relaxing hot spring. One of the most popular hot springs to visit in Nevada is the Gold Strike Hot Spring. The main issue people have with visiting the Gold strike Hot Spring is that it takes a long hike to get to the hot spring. This is why Evolution Expeditions offers a kayaking tour from the base of the Hoover Dam that takes you through the Colorado River and into a rewarding and relaxing stop at the Gold Strike Hot Spring. 

Visiting the Hot Spring has a lot of benefits for your mind and body and being at Gold Strike Hot Springs will have you surrounded by delightful waterfalls and even wildlife. Take a break from the busy Strip and unwind with the nature that surrounds Vegas with a swim in one of the many different hot springs in Las Vegas. 

3. Touring the Hoover Dam

Las Vegas Hoover Dam

If you want to take a tour of the historic and breathtaking Hoover Dam, not only can you take a kayaking tour through the dam, but also there are many tours available to see the power plants. Whether via water or land, seeing the Hoover Dam leaves thousands of visitors in awe as it is a significant landmark that represents the development of the southern parts of the United States. 

The Hoover Dam is roughly the size of two football fields and is expected to last for thousands of years. Touring the different facilities within the dam showcases how much work went into the construction and current maintenance of the dam. Whether via water or land, the Hoover Dam is a must-see attraction next time you are in Las Vegas. 

4. Mountain Biking at Bootleg Canyon

Soaring through more than just the sights of the Las Vegas Valley, Bootleg Canyon offers visitors views of Lake Mead as well. There are over 36 miles of hiking trails within Bootleg Canyon, but there are also a lot of biking trails to get in the thrill of biking through the beauty of the west.

The views of the shimmering water of Lake Mead behind you as you peddle through the country trails make for an exciting adventure. Mountain biking has gotten more and more popular over the years, and Nevada has become one of the most popular spots to visit to go mountain biking. 

This is mostly due to the fact that the mountains within the desert offer a beautiful backdrop as guests fly through the different trails and stops within the canyon. Guided mountain biking tours are available so you can rent the proper equipment needed to enjoy your adventure through the canyon. 

5. Scuba Diving in Lake Mead

Las Vegas Scuba Diving in Lake Mead

Ever want to say you’ve been scuba diving in the desert? Well, you can! There are available scuba diving classes and tours available at Lake Mead. About 24 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip lies the 110-mile-long Lake Mead. This reservoir was formed by the Hoover Dam making it a man-made body of water. 

Scuba diving in the Lake will give you a different perspective of how vast Lake Mead actually is. There are many different boat wrecks that can only be seen via scuba diving and even two different aircrafts that have crashed into the water and can still be seen to this day. Diving in these waters gives you a whole new perspective on what lies within the waters of Lake Mead and is an enriching experience.

Whether you have a preference for hiking in the mountains or paddling in a kayak through historical landmarks, Vegas has a lot more to offer than just casinos and hotels. The nature and sights of the Mojave Desert are truly indescribable and has visitors coming back year after year just to see the many different sights and experiences the desert has to offer. 

Evolution Expeditions is proud to offer and showcase the many different sights, smells, and history of the different coves and canyons within Nevada. Book your next kayaking tour with us today and experience the breathtaking and exciting sights of Las Vegas for yourself!

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