Jul 5, 2022

Take Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party Outdoors!

kayaking in the colorado river as things to do in las vegas bachelor party

With its thriving nightlife and entertainment scene, Sin City is the go-to place for grooms-to-be who want to wave goodbye to single life in style. When talking about the typical bachelor party in Las Vegas, many envision gambling, drinking, fine dining, and watching concerts in lavish locations.

But nowadays, bachelor parties are not just held at luxurious hotels, casinos, restaurants, and rooftop bars. Many soon-to-be-wed gentlemen are steering away from high-end gatherings and instead, are embracing some outdoor fun to celebrate their upcoming marriage.

A new favorite pre-wedding activity and location? Las Vegas’ outdoor attractions! You might be surprised to learn that the city offers much more than the glitz and glamor of the Strip. Las Vegas is a growing hub for water sports, making it the perfect place for out-of-the-box thinking, nature-loving, and fitness-focused bachelors and buddies looking to celebrate the start of a new life chapter.

What to Do for an Outdoor Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

Here are just a few suggestions for how to wave goodbye to the single life by enjoying outdoor activities in Las Vegas.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is often considered a tranquil activity, but that doesn't mean it can't be part of a lively celebration. Sit on the kayak with legs extended, and use the double-bladed oar to move through the water. Kayaking the Colorado River from the base of Hoover Dam is one of the first options you can explore, a seven-hour tour with Evolution Expeditions that features gushing waterfalls, emerald green waters, and hot springs

Sounds difficult? It's easier than you think, especially with your groomsmen, friends, and loved ones at your side. You can ride a tandem kayak with your best man, or brave the waters in a solo vessel. With the help of our trusted and experienced tour guides, navigate the waters as a group at a moderate pace to appreciate the beauty of nature.

On top of kayaking to breathtaking areas unreachable by foot, some of the best guided tours may also include nature hikes, a dip in hot springs, and several stops at must-see picturesque locations.

If experiencing both land and water wonders sounds like the best “lash hurrah,” check out our list of guided kayak tours in Las Vegas (and beyond).

las vegas colorado river for things to do in las vegas bachelor party

Evolution Expeditions ensures that you make the most of your Las Vegas kayaking tour before you put a ring on it.

2. White Water Rafting

White water rafting has varying levels of difficulty, classified into six classes. Some of these rafting categories involve wild, almost unmanageable river rapids, but it’s still possible to try this extreme water sport without solid swimming abilities. 

Armed with a lifejacket and a raft with excellent flotation ability, you can safely battle powerful currents and withstand unexpected plunges as you go on a thrilling journey with your buddies. Each raft can carry four to eight individuals. This makes it a perfect activity for outdoor bachelor parties attended by nature lovers and thrill-seekers.

Safety is the top priority. So, make sure that you're going with experienced and knowledgable guides.

3. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is an extreme sport wherein a person standing on a board is towed behind a speeding motorboat. The faster the boat, the more stable the board gets, and the smoother the glide will be during difficult jumps and maneuvers. If your group comprises wakeboarding newbies, it’s best to start slowly to prioritize safety.

There are many wakeboarding destinations in Las Vegas — Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas included. The latter even has its own cable park where wakeboarders are pulled by an overhead cable instead of a speedboat. This is a good option for beginners and those who only get to wakeboard a few times a month.

A cable park makes a good bachelor party location, as the facility allows you to conveniently engage in multiple water sports without moving from place to place.

4. Jet Skiing

An outdoor bachelor party is incomplete without a jet skiing activity. Like motorcycles, jet skis are known for their top speed and acceleration. Jet skis are fast, simple to operate, and come with more controls that allow you to be a little more hands-off.

You can rent jet skis at Lake Mead Recreation Area and enjoy many hours of action-packed adventure. Driving a jet ski feels like flying while exploring quiet beaches with your friends. Once you get comfortable, you can even learn jet ski tricks together.

It’s an awesome activity to engage in during the remaining days of your bachelorhood, as it gives you a sense of freedom before entering the next big evolution of your life. 

5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

When stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), people stand up on a board and use an oar to steer in the right direction. You can also kneel or lay down on the board and use your arms and hands as paddles. (Kneeling is often a good way to start, as you'll feel less wobbly!) So, instead of a wild night out, treat your friends and family members to an unforgettable, relaxing paddle boarding adventure. 

Besides being a good workout that improves balance and endurance, paddle boarding nurtures environmental awareness. You can stop from time to time to sightsee, do yoga, go fishing, snorkel, or start a racing game against your buddies. Consider it a quick nature escape before you start a new life and get busier with family matters. 

Man and woman stand up paddle boarding in Las Vegas colorado river

6. Water Skiing

While wakeboarding uses a snowboard-style board, waterskiing involves twin skis attached to each foot. It's like ice skiing, but on water. As a beginner, you may have difficulty getting into position, but after you pick up the basics, it's a lot more manageable. Just let the boat or the cable that will tow you do the work.

Remember, if young kids can water ski, you and your friends can do it, too! So, gather the guys for some pre-ski warm-up exercises to make the most out of the experience. A few stretching exercises and jogging for about a quarter of a mile can help elevate your heart rate before strapping that life vest on and heading to the waters for a water skiing excursion.

We know that big changes lie ahead, but one thing is for sure: There are countless ways to get outside and celebrate this special time in your life with people who care. Ready to get something on the calendar? Contact Evolution Expeditions today!

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