Jan 31, 2023

What to Expect When Hiking to the Gold Strike Hot Springs

Gold strike hot springs trail

Right outside the historic Boulder City about an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip the Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs lies waiting for visitors to unwind and relax among the beauty of Nevada. Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs has become one of the most popular hiking destinations in Las Vegas. While the hike to the Gold Strike Canyon Hot Spring is a bit of a challenging three-hour journey, Evolution Expeditions offers a kayak tour through the Black Canyon on the Colorado River that provides a much shorter and easier hike to get to the Gold Strike Hot Springs.

Although, the hike to get to the hot springs can be a really fun adventure, and is a very popular hiking trail within Nevada. In this guide, we will showcase what you can expect if you choose to hike to the Gold Strike Hot Springs.

Weather Conditions 

Depending on the time of year, weather conditions may vary, but keep in mind that the trail to Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs is closed from May 15th to September 30th due to the extreme heat. The rest of the year is cool enough to take the 3-mile hike but weather conditions still may be really hot, so be sure to stay hydrated and bring a lot of water. 

The water from the cliffs of the Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs has temperatures of up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit but temperatures will be cooler once you get away from the heat source. The pools of water within the hot springs are usually around 100 degrees Fahrenheit making it a nice place to relax your muscles after such a long hike. 

The Trail

Hiking trail head to Gold Strike Hot Springs in Las Vegas

Just off of highway 93 before the Hoover Dam Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge you can find the trailhead. The exact coordinates to the trailhead are 36.0062823,-114.7759282. There is free parking nearby the trailhead, however, if you plan on spending time within the Lake Mead National Park, there is a $25 fee per vehicle that is good for seven consecutive days. 

As soon as you begin hiking the trail you’ll pass by a deteriorated car that has a white cooler near it, depending on when you go this contains extra water to take along during your hike. As you venture out further you will notice more boulders appearing, some of them have markers to keep you on the trail. 

The hike becomes more difficult once you reach the rock descents, there are eight rope descents that take you down the rest of the trail to Gold Strike Hot springs. This may seem daunting if you have no real rock-climbing experience, but a lot of guests report not having any difficulty climbing down. It does add a level of challenge to the hike to have to descend via rope, but a lot of people love the obstacle. If you are not sure about the trail, consider kayaking to the Gold Strike Hot Springs instead if this hike seems like something you do not wish to partake in. 

When You Arrive at Gold Strike Hot Springs

There are three different hot springs within the trail. Be mindful that some pools along the trail may be dried up to due the weather and time of the year. The Cave of Wonders is one of the springs you will come across as you continue to hike through the trails. As you pass through and see small waterfalls you will find one of the most popular hot spring pools to dip into.

Keep in mind that depending on what time of year you visit Gold Strike Hot Springs, there will be a time zone change when you reach the springs. Since the hot springs are on the border of Nevada and Arizona in the winter there will be a time difference since Nevada observes daylight savings while Arizona does not. 

What Should I Bring to Hike to the Hot Springs?

Overview of Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail head in Las Vegas

The main and major thing to pack to hike to Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs is water and lots of it. This is roughly a three-hour hike and it can get can easily dry you out quickly since the Nevada desert gets really hot with the sun blaring down. Because of this, you should also wear and pack sunscreen as well to avoid the harsh UV rays from the sun. 

Wear comfortable clothes, it is highly recommended to have closed-toed shoes since you will have to do a lot of walking as well as climbing down the mountain via rope. Just remember that it does get cooler in the shade but hotter in the sun, so consider layering up just to avoid getting cold. Wearing sunglasses and hats are also a good idea to even further protect yourself from the heat and sunlight. 

Bringing extra tools like battery packs/charges for your phone or other means of navigation is good just in case something happens while on the hiking trail. It also would be good to be cautious and bring a first-aid kit.

Having a headlamp is also good in case it gets too dark too quickly, it is really easy to lose track of time while hiking there and back. 

Another thing to be mindful of is to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need, no one wants to get stranded in the dark so plan accordingly to assure you will have enough time to hike there and back. During weekends and holidays the hike gets really busy with other visitors, so try and beat the crowd by planning ahead. Beware of snakes, there are a lot of rattlesnakes and California Kingsnakes that occupy the desert, so keep an eye out for them and try and avoid them as much as possible. 

Hiking is a rewarding activity that allows your mind and body to be immersed in the nature that surrounds you and relaxing in the hot spring after a long hike feels like a proper victory. The Gold Strike Hot Springs is amazing to relax your body and mind. Kayaking to the Hot Springs is recommended if you want to visit the hot springs, but with a shorter and more convenient hike. 

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