The Best Kayaking Tours in Boulder City

Hoover Dam Kayaking Tour in Boulder City

As a premier kayaking tour guide company in Las Vegas, Evolution Expeditions is excited to offer some of the best kayaking tours in Boulder City. Boulder City is located just a short distance from the world-famous Hoover Dam, making it the perfect location for kayaking enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable experience.

Continue reading to learn more about one of the best kayaking tours you can experience within Boulder City. 

Hoover Dam Kayaking Tour

Guests on Evolution Expedition Hoover Dam Kayaking Tour
Evolution Expedition Guests on Hoover Dam Kayaking Tour

One of our most popular tours is the Hoover Dam kayak tour, which allows guests to experience the majestic beauty of the Hoover Dam from a unique vantage point. This tour takes approximately seven hours to complete and includes a catered lunch. Our experienced tour guides will lead you through the crystal-clear waters of the Colorado River, taking you past towering cliffs, unique rock formations, and stunning desert scenery.

If you’re looking for a unique way to visit this historic landmark, then get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Evolution Expeditions' one-of-a-kind kayak tour of the Hoover Dam, which takes you on an incredible journey through the stunning Black Canyon. With top-of-the-line gear and WFA/CPR certified guides, you can enjoy paddling, hiking, and soaking in geothermal hot springs while spotting desert bighorn sheep, bald eagles, and other wildlife. However, permits are limited and sell out quickly, so advance booking is highly recommended. Don't forget to bring photographic identification and arrive 40 minutes prior to your scheduled launch time to avoid missing out on this unforgettable experience.

It's important to note that while kayaking near the Hoover Dam is a thrilling experience, it's also important to be prepared. We recommend bringing a backup paddle and plenty of water, as the desert can be unforgiving.

Wildlife Sight Seeing 

Speaking of the desert, did you know that the Mojave Desert, which surrounds the Hoover Dam, is one of the hottest and driest places on earth? It's home to a variety of unique and fascinating wildlife, including desert tortoises, bighorn sheep, and coyotes.

Meanwhile, the area surrounding the Hoover Dam is home to a rich and diverse array of wildlife, making it a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. From the majestic desert bighorn sheep to the soaring bald eagles, the region boasts a fascinating variety of animals that thrive in this rugged and beautiful environment.

One of the most exciting and sought-after sightings in the area is the desert bighorn sheep, which is known for its impressive curved horns and nimble, sure-footed movements. These elusive creatures can often be spotted scaling the steep canyon walls or grazing on the sparse vegetation that grows in the arid landscape.

Other notable animals that call the area home include coyotes, falcons, migratory waterfowl, and a variety of other desert creatures that have adapted to the harsh conditions of this unique ecosystem. Whether you're paddling down the river, hiking along the shoreline, or simply taking in the scenery, you're sure to encounter a wealth of fascinating wildlife during your time at the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam Location

Mountains of the Hoover Dam located in Boulder City
Side of the Hoover Dam, located near Boulder City

If you're wondering where exactly the Hoover Dam is located, it's situated on the border between Nevada and Arizona. This iconic structure was built during the Great Depression and remains one of the most impressive engineering feats in modern history.

While you're on your kayaking tour, our knowledgeable guides will be happy to share interesting facts about the Hoover Dam, such as how it was built, how much it weighs, and how much power it generates. For example, did you know that the Hoover Dam was built in just five years and that it weighs over 6.6 million tons?

The Hoover Dam is known not only for its engineering marvel but also for its stunning scenery. The surrounding desert landscape boasts magnificent views that change with the time of day and season. Visitors are treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the Colorado River and the Black Canyon.

One of the most striking features of the area is the contrast between the vibrant emerald waters of the Colorado River and the stark desert surroundings. The water has a unique hue due to the high levels of calcium carbonate present in it, which reflects sunlight and creates a brilliant green color. As the river meanders through the canyon, it creates tranquil pools, rapids, and cascading waterfalls.

The towering canyon walls are another impressive feature of the Hoover Dam area. The walls, which rise up to 2,000 feet, are made up of volcanic rock and have been shaped by the forces of nature over millions of years. The striations and patterns in the rock formations provide a visual history of the area's geological past.

In addition to the rock formations, visitors can also expect to see a diverse range of plant life. The desert is home to a variety of cacti, shrubs, and wildflowers, which bloom in the spring and summer months. The flora provides a stunning contrast against the red rock formations and blue sky.

Are you looking for an exciting way to explore Hoover Dam's surroundings? In addition to our kayak tour, we also offer a guided hike that takes you on a thrilling adventure through the stunning desert landscape, where you'll discover hidden geothermal hot springs and soak in their rejuvenating waters. With expert guides leading the way, you'll get up close and personal with the Colorado River and enjoy unforgettable views of the surrounding area.

While there are many excursions that take you to the Hoover Dam, we believe that our Hoover Dam kayak tour is the most unique and unforgettable way to experience this iconic landmark. Our expert guides, stunning scenery, and thrilling adventure make this tour a must-do for anyone visiting the Las Vegas area.

Evolution Expeditions is proud to offer the best kayaking tours in Boulder City, including our popular Hoover Dam kayak tour. Whether you're an experienced kayaker or a first-time adventurer, we guarantee that our tours will provide an unforgettable experience that you'll never forget. Book your tour today and discover the beauty and wonder of the Hoover Dam from a whole new perspective.

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