Aug 22, 2022

5 Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities for Las Vegas Families

tandem kayaking in the colorado river

Outdoor activities are not for adults alone. Even children can relax, socialize, and go on grand adventures outside with their adult companions. The question is… where?! Las Vegas is one of the world's safest, most beautiful family vacation spots. Explore the great outdoors with the kids and try various exciting activities amid breathtaking desert landscapes.

Las Vegas: A New Family-Friendly Adventure Starts Here

Las Vegas is known for its round-the-clock entertainment scene, providing countless unforgettable activities for grownups who love to party, gamble, shop, and attend concerts. But most people don't realize that it's also a fun playground for children with a growing passion for traveling and outdoor activities.

In Las Vegas, you can expose your little ones to new and valuable experiences, whether it’s a nature excursion or a trip to the city's more luxurious areas. Here are some of the best kid-friendly outdoor activities your family can do in Las Vegas all year round.

5 Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities That You Can Do in Las Vegas

Slather on the SPF and head outdoors. These five activities will give you memories that last a lifetime.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking in Las Vegas is a fun, easy-to-learn water sport that the entire family can enjoy. There are several types of kayaks, such as recreational kayaks for exploring calm, slow waterways and whitewater kayaks which glide through strong currents and rapids.

Kids as young as five years old can board a kayak. It's safe as long as they’re paddling in quiet waters with an experienced adult, led by an experienced tour guide. If you can, allow them to practice in a child-size kayak in a swimming pool before heading to the river or lake.

Although they cannot help propel the kayak in the right direction, they can just sit at a tandem kayak's bow and enjoy the ride while their adult companion paddles. The serene waterways of Las Vegas are the perfect setting for future kayakers. You'll enjoy moving around Hoover Dam in Nevada, Emerald Cave, Lake Mead, and Willow Beach! We recommend booking a guided kayak tour to make the most of your Las Vegas kayaking experience.

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2. Hiking

While on the trail, kids can exercise and observe the local flora and fauna much closer. Taking them outdoors, even for a few hours of hiking, can be intimidating initially. It’s best to start exploring the easiest routes. Wetlands Park Nature Preserve Loop, a 1.6-mile trail, is one of the most accessible ones from Las Vegas — just a 20-minute drive from the Strip.

There are shaded areas and restrooms, so you and the kids can rest once in a while without walking long distances. You can either follow the paved trails or take the unpaved paths and explore and travel further.

Red Rock Canyon’s Children Discovery Trail is another good option for families. This is a 1.3-kilometer route featuring wildflowers, petroglyphs, a grotto, and Lost Creek Fall — a seasonal waterfall. No matter what season you choose to hike, make a list of all the essentials ahead of time. Also, double-check online to make sure your desired trails are open and accessible that day.

3. Camping

No Las Vegas outdoor adventure is ever complete without camping. In Las Vegas, you can go camping all year round while enjoying good company and distant views of the mountains. Only around an hour's drive from the city is the Willow Beach Marina and Campground, a recreation hub where you can do plenty of activities like camping, kayaking, sightseeing, and wildlife viewing.

It's home to a marina, a restaurant, convenience store, parking space, boat rentals, and RV and tent-only campsites. The Boulder Beach campsite is another popular spot in the Lake Mead Recreation Area. It also has an RV park, surrounded by towering palm trees and a magnificent view of Lake Mead.

There are spacious locations that can accommodate RVs, tents, grills, and fire pits. The best thing about going to a well-maintained campground is that cell service, laundry facilities, and drinking water are always available for your family.

Family camping in Las Vegas

4. Biking

Like kayaking, biking is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy. Biking encourages your kids to move, explore new surroundings, and have fun! The Blue Diamond Loop in the Cottonwood North Trail System is a great place to start. It’s a moderately difficult route with six trails, various terrains, and panoramic viewpoints.

Some trails lead to the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, and Red Rock Canyon. Don’t forget to bring your camera to document this one-of-a-kind scenic adventure filled with rock gardens, jagged mountain ranges, Joshua trees, and seasonal wildflowers.

This loop trail takes about three hours to complete, so limit biking time if it’s your first time exploring with your kids. Pittman Wash Trail near Henderson is also frequented by many because of its well-maintained, eight-foot wide paved road free of cars. It’s very accessible, even for those experiencing mobility issues.

5. Swimming

The Colorado River and Willow Beach are fantastic swimming spots for young, nature-loving travelers. However, it's best to soak in locations supervised by lifeguards if you're traveling with children. When it comes to kiddie swimming escapades, the Strip is your home away from home.

The Mandalay Bay Resort's The Beach is an 11-acre pool complex featuring many distinctive pools, fountains, and palm trees. It's designed to look like a beach in the middle of a sunny city, with 2,700 tons of sand, six-foot waves, and waterfalls for the ultimate summer feel all year round. 

There are several shallow areas where children can soak and swim under the supervision of a lifeguard. Youngsters who love water activities besides swimming may enjoy Circus Circus' amenities even more. It has a 50-foot slide tower, splash pad, and two refreshing pools with whirlpools. Stay at the lounge chairs or rent gazebo-style cabanas as you bond with the entire family.

It's time to make new memories with your family as you explore dramatic waterways and massive water parks! These outdoor activities are a great place to start. Let your children experience the thrill of the outdoors with guided kayak tours. Check out our full list of kayak tours, or contact us for more information.

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