Nov 30, 2021

The Best Guided Hiking Tours in Las Vegas - Evolution Expeditions

The Best Guided Hiking Tours in Las Vegas

What pops into your mind when you think of Las Vegas?

It might be the stunning city lights, the entertaining casino-hotels, busy streets, shopping galore, nightlife, and the list goes on. However, beyond the entertainment capital of the world is a gem waiting to be wandered more.  

Sprinkled throughout Las Vegas and just beyond its borders, you will find nature teeming with brilliance. You’ll see the mesmerizing mountains, abundant flora and fauna, natural geothermal pools, and so much more. But nature in itself is magnificent enough to blow your mind and satisfy your tenacious will to take on new adventures. 

You need not go further to experience the diverse side of Las Vegas. Visit a whole new world not all that far from the Las Vegas Strip where you can enjoy thrilling and countless adventures waiting for you.

In fact, we have the perfect hiking tours to jumpstart your adventure.

Starting in 2022, Evolution Expeditions will be offering the best hiking tours in Nevada. Let’s take a look at our two hiking options offered below.

Evolution Expeditions’ Guided Hiking Tours

Want to set off on foot to experience all this city has to offer? Here’s where you can get started. 

Goldstrike Hot Spring Hike

Duration: 5 hours (approx.)

Location: Boulder City

Hiking Distance: 7mi/11.3km

Goldstrike Hot Spring is called as such as you'll get the chance to hike through the Gold Strike canyon and enjoy the rewarding hot springs near the site. But before getting there, you’ll have to do a bit of scrambling and bouldering. However, you’ll be supported with ropes to get in and out of the canyon. 

One great way to avoid heat exhaustion and the risk of dehydration is to hike in the morning when it’s cooler, which is why this tour suggests a 9:00 AM start time. Aside from that, hiking in the morning means avoiding crowds. 

Additionally, hiking early in the morning opens a chance of meeting desert fauna like the bighorn sheep, coyotes, and more. Also, vibrant desert floras are incomparable. 

With a professional guide, hike from the trailhead off Highway 93 descending down through the Goldstrike Canyon to the mesmerizing Colorado River. You can also take your time and dip your feet along the river for a quick respite. 

Without a doubt, Goldstrike is a more geographically challenging area. Navigate through the complexity of the trail, which also involves a bit of scrambling. Don’t worry — you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. As you make your way through the canyon, enjoy a dip in the natural geothermal pools. 

Nothing could beat a warm dip after a long hike. The picturesque view is the cherry on top. 

Arizona Hot Spring Hike

Duration: 5 hours (approx.)

Location: Boulder City

Hiking Distance: 6mi/9.7km

Unlike the Goldstrike Hot Spring Hike tour, Arizona Hike is a guided tour that is perfect for an evening expedition, but a day hike is still a safe bet. Choose whether to hike at 9:00 AM to catch the beautiful canyon view in the bright morning or opt for the second tour, which starts at 4:00 PM, to witness the illuminated mountains filled with vibrant red and orange hues.

This route begins in White Rock Canyon, going along the Colorado River, reaching towards the canyon. You will then be welcomed by a 15-foot waterfall, which you’ll need to climb up using a ladder provided by the park service.

But after this obstacle, you’ll find the beautiful series of Arizona Hot Springs hemmed in by sandbags. There are three hot spring pools that vary in temperature depending on the wind that passes through the canyon. It’s also heated by natural geothermal waters and is no more than two to three feet deep.

Navigating towards the canyon itself is impressive enough to take on. Plus, this hiking tour includes a bonus of random wildlife sightings and an abundance of flora — not to mention a therapeutic dip in a natural warm pool to cleanse and relax for a while.

With certainty, our Arizona Hot Spring Hike is a favorite hiking tour for locals and tourists alike, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie. 

Explore the beauty of our town in corners of Mother Nature you’ve never seen before. Experience Las Vegas with a picturesque view of the environment and impressive preservation of the natural geothermal pools. And of course, the campgrounds are also a go-to. 

It’s time to go beyond the extravagant lights and enjoy the natural attractions of Sin City. Grant your adventurous soul a quick expedition and choose between our two guided tours. Let us share with you the hidden gem beyond the busy city of Las Vegas. 

Pro Tip: If you’re more inclined to a more strenuous or advanced hike and a little bit of scrambling adventure, then Goldstrike Hot Spring Hike is right for you. But if you prefer a rather calming hike with time spent on the trails, then Arizona Hot Springs may be the one for you.

Ready to explore everything this area has to offer? Book your guided tour with Evolution Expeditions today.

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