Arizona Hot Spring Hike

This local favorite will be sure to please any adventurous soul who is looking to get some hiking in while visiting hot springs in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

About This Tour

The Arizona Hot Spring Hike is another guide favorite, especially as an evening adventure. If soaking in steaming geothermal pools is a bucket list goal, the Arizona Hot Springs will not disappoint. The pools range from 112 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit so you can pick whichever pool you want to soak in.

This adventure has two start times 9:00 am if you're looking to fill your morning with a beautiful canyon hike or 4:00 pm if an exciting hike in the evening peaks your interest. Either way, the hike is six miles round trip. You'll hike 3 miles to the springs in volcanic canyons keeping an eye out for local flora and fauna like Big Horn sheep, coyote, and maybe even ringtail cats! Once you make it to the hot springs it's time to relax and soak.

Arizona Hot Spring is situated in a narrow slot canyon made of volcanic rock only about 12ft wide in some sections. The walls are coated in salt and calcium that precipitate from the hot springs and give the canyon a lively texture. For most of our guests, this trip is unlike anything they have ever done before and that is one of our favorite things about the Arizona Hot Spring hike.

Let one of our knowledgeable guides share the beauty of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area with you on this stunning hike.

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